Our unique local presence can make all the difference

Scottish Pacific Tradeline has been supporting the growth of hundreds of business clients over the years with a flexible and responsive form of finance which helps them purchase goods as and when they are required. Over this time, unlike many Trade Finance providers, Tradeline has built an international footprint spanning Australia the UK and Mainland China, where we manage a network of over 500 approved suppliers.

However, whilst Tradeline is arguably one of Australia’s most flexible Trade Finance alternatives, many of the benefits accessible to clients which are associated with having a local presence are not as widely appreciated.

So what value can our international presence provide to clients using or considering Tradeline? Our presence in Guangzhou, China provides a good example of how Tradeline can make all the difference to trade cycles and overall business performance.

The complexities of dealing with China are widely known, ranging from cultural, legal and language to financial, and all have the potential to slow down decision making or jeopardise trade transactions. However these risks can be overcome if not lessened with a local presence.

Below are just a few examples of how Tradeline clients can leverage our ‘on the ground’ presence:

  • Overcome business cultural barriers – The China Tradeline team are all Chinese nationals and hence have an acute awareness of accepted business practices and cultural norms
  • Overcome language barriers – The Tradeline team are (at a minimum) tri-lingual, being Mandarin, Cantonese and English. This can ensure smoother communication and avoid any associated issues.
  • Smoother operations and administration – Working in the local time zone, our team can facilitate communication and potentially expedite decision making.
  • Streamline the documentations process – Our team can assist in the preparation and distribution of trade documentation to free up the client’s time and resource.
  • Improved supplier negotiations - The Tradeline team can be accessed to commence or assist in negotiations with suppliers to facilitate the process and improve negotiating power.
  • Facilitate face to face meetings – Our clients have access to a team who can arrange or coordinate meetings and even arrange for them to be held at Tradeline facilities.
  • Facilitate local connections and support product sourcing – Our team have developed extensive networks of suppliers (over 500 in China alone) to support clients.
  • Improved supplier relationships – Tradeline maintain close relationships with approved suppliers for the purposes of reverse marketing and our clients can benefit from the goodwill and trust we have developed and maintained
  • General support – Our team are on hand to provide assistance in any way required by the client. This may range from general travel advice to advice on local business events and expos, to advice on approaches to negotiation.

Below are some specific examples of how our local presence has benefited Tradeline clients:

  • The China Tradeline team were able to commence and manage negotiations on our client’s behalf with a China-based supplier which resulted in the supplier willing to accept a lower deposit on purchase, significantly improving the client’s cash flow position
  • Tradeline arranged for trade references to be gained on suppliers of interest to our client
  • An Australian based client was negotiating with a China-based supplier but then engaged Tradeline who were able to negotiate on the point of payment to improve the client’s risk position.

Fast, flexible Trade Finance is just the beginning

If you have clients in need of additional support when dealing with overseas suppliers, it may be worth considering Tradeline’s additional capabilities to support your clients in their international trade experience.



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