Finance Forward


Facility Limit: $650,000.

Industry: Fashion.

Why Tradeline?:
An established, long-term Australian importer / wholesaler within the Fashion industry found themselves constantly facing cyclical cash flow pressures. The business had built up a solid reputation and customer base as well as managing to source top-of-the-range products. However each year, coinciding with their peak forward ordering, the business' existing funding lines would need to be temporarily increased in order to facilitate their purchases. This was causing frustration within the business due to potentially missed sales opportunities, as well as increased workload to manage their financier's requirements.

Seeing the issue, their finance broker was able to introduce a Tradeline facility that, in conjunction with their existing financing arrangements, enabled the business to place their forward order and pay suppliers without placing strain on cash flow and funding. This took the stress and heartache out of the business and allowed them to focus on what matters most.

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