The Tradeline Process

A Tradeline facility is a seven step process designed to take the stress out of financing imported products.


The Tradeline Process:

  1. Credit Application
  2. Quick Approval (5 business days)
  3. Agreements signed (importer and exporter)
  4. Goods Shipped
  5. Importer reviews Bill of Lading and accepts
  6. Exporter paid
  7. Importer pays in 90 days (maximum term)

Tradeline Can Be Used For:

  • Importing of goods for resale
  • Supplementing existing trade facilities
  • Assisting with the acquisition of imported plant and trade equipment.

Examples of how Tradeline works:

Business example 1

  • Traditionally dealt with major brands only
  • Developed its own brand and now imports directly from Chinese suppliers
  • Uses Tradeline to fund imported products
  • Using Tradeline has ensured prompt payment to suppliers, leading to improved relationships. This has assisted the client to negotiate a reduced level of up front deposits.
  • Gross margin has improved significantly.

Business example 2

  • Importer of cleaning products, selling to large corporates and SMEs
  • Previously sourced product domestically , however now sources product directly from Asia
  • Has used debtor finance to support working capital, however funding is required earlier for payment to overseas suppliers
  • Tradeline is now used to pay overseas suppliers at the time goods are shipped
  • Now utilises Scottish Pacific debtor finance in conjunction with Tradeline and has a funding solution from the time the supplier needs to be paid to the time payment is received from the debtor.

If you'd like to know more, contact your nearest Tradeline branch.