What is Scottish Pacific Tradeline?

Traditional trade finance arrangements can prove to be restrictive; Tradeline provides quick approvals and increases purchasing power. Tradeline is the the trade finance alternative.

what-is-tradelineScottish Pacific Tradeline is a line of credit that can be used to pay both overseas and domestic suppliers. Terms can vary up to a maximum of 90 days from shipment for overseas and 90 days from delivery for domestic suppliers.

Unlike traditional bank trade finance facilities, where it can take months to get a decision, speed of approval is a prime feature of Tradeline with nearly all applications approved within 5 days. Tradeline facilities are do not require a mortgage or a charge over the company so they are not restricted by the amount of security available.
Tradeline is simple to use. Once a limit is approved for the buyer of the goods (client), Tradeline will pay the supplier (once goods are shipped) and then provide terms to the client in order to provide time for the client to land the goods and sell them.

Tradeline features:

  1. Buyer limits approved within 5 days.
  2. No requirement for a mortgage or charge over the company*.
  3. Does not affect existing banking arrangements.
  4. Maximise sales opportunities by increasing your buying power.
  5. Payment can be made by telegraphic transfer (TT), letter of credit (LC), documentary collection.
  6. Flexibility in relation to the nature of the goods – e.g. do not have to be finished goods.
  7. Goods do not have to be pre-sold.
  8. Can be used to acquire goods for re-sale or in conjunction with equipment finance to import plant and equipment.
  9. Improved supplier relationship. Suppliers like Tradeline because;
    • There is no bad debt Risk;
    • Guaranteed payment upon shipment, improved cash flow and;
    • Payment assured by Scottish Pacific - more than 27 years' experience supporting business.
  10. Support across the globe. Offices in Australia, China, United Kingdom and New Zealand.
  11. Experienced in working with suppliers - we have more than 400 suppliers from all around the world.

Tradeline can assist in growing your business. If your business is being restrained due to an inability to buy product, Tradeline is the solution.

*subject to approval